Big News

Last week I “vaguebooked” that big things were falling into place but I couldn’t announce them yet.  As of today, everything is official and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you all my two huge news items:

Firstly, Joel, Ayce, and I are now the proud owners of a mortgage!  We bought a house in the Big City in order to be closer to Joel’s work and Ayce’s specialists.  

It was a tough decision for me seeing as how we only made the big move to this small town a year and a half ago.  We moved for my career; I had gotten a job in my professional area, and I was excited to break into the new community with force.  Unfortunately, some complicating factors hindered my ability to really participate.  Finding out I was pregnant with Ayce was a huge surprise!  I worked as best as I could during that time, but in addition to pregnancy induced hypertension, I also developed debilitating anxiety and depression. It was all I could do to get to work, counselling, and home at that point. I was hospitalized twice and put on bedrest twice.  Eventually the right dosage of the right medication was found, and since then I have been much, much better, although I still occasionally feel emotionally fragile.  

The plan had been for me to take six months off and then return to work with Ayce in the care of a lovely dayhome provider I found before he was born.  Obviously with Ayce’s current challenges that plan had to change again.  Ayce continues to develop by leaps and bounds, but his atypical development means that he requires very specialized care.  He cannot sit on his own, he needs interventions throughout the day to help with positioning, stretching, seeing, reaching, feeding, and interacting with people, objects, and animals.  He is not at the same developmental level as most 10 month old infants.


Luckily, our provincial government makes provisions for children with special needs to receive extra funding to cover the staff and equipment required in their care.  Unluckily, these provisions only apply when a child is at a licensed daycare, of which there is only one in our small town, and it is full to the brim.  Furthermore, the social worker we were assigned has not granted us any funding for extra care as she believes that 10 month old babies are at home with mom anyways, and since the program only provides for services over and above the normal, we do not yet qualify.


Even with all of this, though, I could have worked out some way to go back to work.  Maybe only working part-time, evenings and weekends.  My coworkers have been incredibly supportive of my experiences so far, and I have no doubt that they would work hard to accommodate me.  However, Joel is now our main breadwinner, and his work is a 1.5-2 hour commute from our little town.  Also, Ayce and I make weekly trips into the city for his various specialist appointments, and this is taking a toll on our one family car (a 2001 Chevy Malibu) as well as on Mama and Papa’s sanity (a normal weekday starts at 4:30 AM for Papa).  So, to the city it is.

Our second news item is arguably even bigger than the house!  Ayce is going to be a big brother!  Yes, we are expecting our second child (nicknamed a unisex “Billy the Kid” for now after his/her middle name) right around Christmas. We were absolutely delighted to discover that Billy was coming!  With Ayce, we were very much convinced that children were not in God’s plan for us as he came along after 4 years of “not not trying”.  He has been nothing but a blessing to us.  Both Joel and I have taken to parenthood like ducks to water thanks to the amazing help of our little guy and we couldn’t be happier to welcome a second child into our little family. Ayce is going to be a great big brother: He is always gentle with children and animals, he has a calm and relaxed disposition, and he is very sociable.


All in all, it has been a very eventful few months, and we are looking forward to the next steps!


2 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Wow that is big news indeed – life is full – I am glad you are moving. I thought that commute seemed really tough – and I continue my hope for you all with these special gifts that you have and will have.

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