Five Minute Friday: In Between

Wow!  What a good prompt for me today.  I often get the feeling of being “in between” things.  Like I’m not quite finished getting to where I need to be.  This usually manifests itself in me justifying my messy house “I’ll get it done when I have the time on Friday” or my lack of a set Prayer Rule– “I’m still getting over depression, God understands”, countless other small tasks that just don’t make my list.  I feel like at some uncertain point in the future I will suddenly stand up and become a “responsible adult” but for right now, I’m just getting used to adulthood, motherhood, stay-at-home-hood, special-needs-parent-hood, etc. etc.

It is true that I have been recovering from a severe depressive episode and I was literally incapable of doing some of these things for a long time.  I need to go easy on myself, but the truth is, we are in Eternity right now!  I am right in the middle of it, not in between one important time and another.  I should really take this reminder and focus on the reasons the tasks I put off are important to me— they help sustain me in my good place of mental health.  I love having a clean house.  I feel great when I take the time to reflect on God.  I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and going out for coffee. So why am I stuck “in-between”?

This is a post for Five-Minute Friday at Lisa Jo Baker’s website:

Five Minute Friday


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: In Between

  1. Visiting from Five Minute Friday today, new friend. Bold words and bold faith. Praying for you in this tough season!!

  2. It’s hard to be stuck isn’t it?
    The grace is still there in all the In between places. . .praying you see a glimmer of it today.

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