On Not Breastfeeding

My early weeks of motherhood were incredibly stressful. Although I gave birth naturally, Ayce did not eat orally for a week and even then was unable to suck well. As a result, my milk never “came in” and in spite of strenuous effort on my part (pumping every 3 hours for 3 months) I have not breastfed my son.
Giving up was difficult. Many of my friends and family are very pro-breastfeeding and I have always expected that I would be able to do it. There are also a great many women who choose not to breastfeed for whatever reason. That’s OK too! There are many great articles and posts about not breastfeeding. I will not elaborate on them,. However, what I will present is a “Top Ten” list of responses to those people rude enough to ask you why you are not nursing your child.
So, here it is…

Top Ten Best Responses to the Question “Why aren’t you nursing him?”

10. He has difficulty feeding due to a traumatic birth and developmental delays.
9. We are able to gauge how much he eats when we use a bottle.
8. His father wanted to be able to feed him, too.
7. He needs more nutrition than my milk can give him.
6. I was physically unable to breastfeed.
5. These bottles are just too cute not to use!
4. I don’t feel like it.
3. Did you breastfeed your kids? (especially good to ask a man)
2. Why are you so interested in my breasts?

689px-Dave_Letterman (1)

David Letterman. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

1. And, the number one answer to the question “Why aren’t you nursing him?” is….

None of your business!


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