Therapeutic Play

A little while ago I got a fun idea to make some gifts for Ayce’s grandmothers for Mothers’ Day.  I figured I could introduce him to a new texture and try a new activity.

Ayce with avocado on his face

Just because he’s so cute after enjoying an avocado!

Something I do a lot of work on with Ayce during the day are activities that bring his awareness to his limbs.  He does not have much purposeful movement in his arms or legs, so I like to help him learn what they are for.  Sometimes I do finger play songs with him such as “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Head and Shoulders”, or “Patty Cake”, or even simply clapping his hands and feet to music.  Other times I use his hands to touch parts of my face and then parts of his face (“This is mama’s mouth, and this is Ayce’s mouth”, etc.).

This time, I made some quick and easy finger paints from this recipe: .  I think I overcooked them a bit, as the consistency was more like Jell-o jigglers, but I think it worked out really well.  I took blobs of paint and put them directly onto our kitchen table, then I helped Ayce squish them around with his hands.  He likes to make a “kneading” motion, which made for a fun pattern.  I also helped him to walk around on the paint and let the paint squish through his toes.  When we were both thoroughly covered with sticky paint, we went down and had a bath to wash it all off.  When we came back upstairs I  made prints of Ayce’s artwork by pressing sheets of plain white paper onto the table.  Here are the results:

An original by Ayce

Bursts of colour!

An original painting by Ayce.

Bright and cheerful!

An Ayce original.

This one is a bit more subdued.

An Ayce original artwork.

Some of these are meant as gifts.

An Ayce Original

Going a bit more minimalistic.

An Ayce Original.

Squooshy and vibrant.

I think this is a great activity for all kids!  There is nothing more fun than making a mess, and this paint cleans up easily with hot water.


5 thoughts on “Therapeutic Play

    • Oooh! I can see that being lots of fun! How does he feel about face-paints? When I was young my mom used to “draw” a kitty cat face on me to help me get to sleep. You could try that with Yasin, or even use a wet paintbrush (with water) to stimulate the senses.

      • Thank you for the great idea!! He’s very ticklish, though. I’ll look forward to seeing him squeal with laughter as we paint on his face with a wet paintbrush.

  1. Ayce is gorgeous! I’m so glad you found my blog. It’s great to read the things you are doing with Ayce, it reminds me of our early days with Seb. He does have beautiful lashes but equally beautiful eyes. Seb has long lashes too. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Great art/sensory/motor idea.

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